The Legal Actions You Can Take after Being Hurt in a Car Accident

There are many legal actions available to people after they become involved in car accidents. If you’ve been hurt due to getting run over by a car as a pedestrian or a driver, you can obtain compensation for your injuries to cover for your medical bills and whatnot.

In particular, you can avail of the insurance provider of the person responsible for your injuries. Or they can be the ones to provide compensation for the damages done unto your person, whether they’re monetary or non-monetary.

The Steps to Take After Getting Injured in a Car Accident

Follow the steps after getting into a car accident to ensure you get medical attention ASAP and protect your legal rights as you file an insurance claim or personal injury legal suit.

  • Hire an Experienced Attorney: It pays to have experienced legal representation before you’re even involved in any auto accident. Hire a lawyer today so that you won’t end up with a court-appointed lawyer or the nearest lawyer you can find when it’s already too late and you’re already involved in an accident.
  • Gather Evidence for Your Lawyer to Use: Talk to the other party and get in contact with them and their insurance company in case they’re the ones at fault as far as the accident is concerned. Stay at the accident scene, take pictures, and get statements from witnesses if you’re involved in the following vehicular situations:
  • DUI collisions.
  • Hit-and-run accidents.
  • Crash involving injuries.
  • Accidents resulting in fatalities.
  • Collisions involving a commercial vehicle.
  • Accident needing a wrecker to remove the wrecked car.
  • Crashes with property damage of at least $500 and above.
  • Pull Away from Traffic: If your car is still in one piece, pull it away from traffic and activate your hazard lights if you could. This helps ensure the safety of other drivers and your own safety as you await emergency services to assist you.
  • Evaluate Your Injuries: Getting a lawyer and insurance is something you should do before accidents happen. Once you’re in the middle of one, evaluate your injuries if you could (like, if you’re involved in a minor accident). Inform a loved one or emergency services like 911 if you have your smartphone with you and it is still working.

Seek medical attention, contact the proper authorities, and be prepared to have yourself or a family member file a police report on your behalf as you get treated at the nearest medical facility for your medical issues.

Hopefully, your injuries aren’t too grievous. If they are, your top priority is getting to the nearest hospital for treatment. After the incident, you should report the accident, gather evidence, investigate who may have caused the accident, consult with a lawyer, and start building your case.