Do You Have a Legal Case If You’re Hurt in a Forklift Accident?

Powered industrial trucks, also known colloquially as forklifts, fork trucks, fork hoists, or lift trucks are heavy machinery used to lift and transfer huge cargo or shipment from a truck to a storage room or room to truck. They’re regularly seen in most yards and warehouses.

So do you have a legal case if you’ve been hurt in a forklift accident? It depends on the context of the circumstances, but keep on reading in case you are eligible for compensation.

A Vital Piece of Machinery with Inherent Dangers

Even though they’re important pieces of equipment, forklifts can also be hazardous to the health of everyone around them because of how easily they can accidentally cause injury to operators or bystanders alike.

  • Grounds for a Civil Lawsuit: If you’ve been injured by a forklift due to some form of accident as an operator or bystander, you might have grounds for a civil lawsuit against the company or the maker of the forklift in question depending on the context of your case.
  • Investigation and Discovery Phase: An investigation will take place regarding the forklift accident to determine who’s at fault and who’s liable. It aims to answer several questions. What was the cause of the accident? Was it caused by human error or mechanical failure? Did the machine fail due to lack of maintenance or some sort of design flaw?
  • The Law Office Does the Investigation: The law firm you’ve hired will usually do the investigation into the accident involving the forklift. They’ll send their most veteran of construction accident attorneys on the scene to determine if there’s a case here and it’s possible to get compensation from the contractor or insurance firm.
  • Determining Who’s Liable: Determining liability behind an accident involving forklifts is the key part of the lawyer’s role to see if you do have a case or not. From there, if you are a victim of personal injury or not. You should at least get some workers’ compensation to cover for your medical bills after the accident.
  • Get Financial Compensation: As soon as you take that ride on the emergency ambulance, the costs for your treatment has already started growing. Some Americans even prefer having loved ones drive them to the hospital over an ambulance, it’s so expensive. Before an accident even occurs, get ample insurance coverage, particularly when it comes to accidents.
  • Should You See a Doctor after a Forklift Incident? Serious injuries can result in being in the middle of an accident involving forklifts or other heavy machinery. It’s for this reason operators are discouraged from operating these machines when under the influence of alcohol. Many of these injuries are quite serious, so seeking immediate medical attention is a must.

Workers’ comp should help cover your medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses as well as part of your lost wages while you’re bedridden and undergoing treatment for your forklift-related injuries.